STAYING SECURE WHILE USING THE STARL TOKEN & METAMASK a briefing by Osama INTRODUCTION As we all know, security is the biggest division factor when it comes to not only accessing or using a service, but especially when it institutes a financial risk factor. It is important to underline the effective options that  ANY  individual can do in order to sustain a secure and viable option to feel safe online when using these services. Essentially the goal here is to have everybody feel invited to use these things without some sort of panic or figurative FUD that might come into play when utilizing them. Attackers are constantly manipulating the social norms at a very high level in this current day-in-age and I hope to cover some of the techniques used by them in order to help the community understand how to bar against these methods and stay safe and secure, especially when utilizing the STARL token.  IN BRIEF OF WHAT YOU READ BELOW, UNDERSTAND THAT THOUGH IT MAY BE COMPLICATED FOR MOST